Thursday, July 29

Belly dance
Belly dancer dancing for fitness exercise please leave a comment for more videos like this also add me on my YouTube channel if you'd like us to become friends have a beautiful day pen pal information: June Marie Liddy po box 102 Painted Post New York 14870

Jam with heels
Some action - have a look or not - look or leave - do so how you think! Here are : heels - highheels and wetlook leggings but it is a big morning or evening or good night jam - so you are free to have a look or not. Thanks my trusted followers!!!
How to perfect shuffle?

How to perfect shuffle?

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The Shuffle is a move that stems from the "Melbourne Shuffle," a rave and club move that started in the late 80s in the midst of the underground rave music scene in Melbourne, Australia. [1] The reason of the blend lies in quick heel-toe action that works best with electronic music. In any case, the more present blend, made more standard by LMFAO's music video for 'Party Rocky Anthem' in the year 2009, which has taken off in the club scene and popular society. To do this kind of blend, you need to ace the "T-Step" and "The Running Man" and to make sense of how to move between the two. See more information on how underneath the bounce. To know more about Shuffle, it will be good to take a look at two of its unique technique which are describe below: 1. The T-Step Stand with your fe...